„What am I doing here?“ – Introduction of the Blog

Welcome to the Puritic Blog. I am here to liberate your life of social stigmas if you will allow me. This is the introduction of the blog.

My name is Liva, and I am the founder of the Puritic Blog. The Puritic Blog started very close to my own feelings. I was at a conference and got asked if I have ever written a wishlist for my life. „A wishlist for what?“. Well, a wishlist for your life, where you plot down all the goals you want to achieve in life. Obviously, I haven’t. But the question resonated with me, and later that day I did write my first wishlist for life. And on that wishlist, I put:

„Find a way to let people have insight into my experiences and put all the positive turns my life took out there.“ That is what I am doing here.

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