Who to Follow – Part II

BLM Edition

Here comes part two of my „Who to Follow“ lists. This time I want you to use social media to hear people who know more than you. Today I am highlighting social media profiles which educate about everything currently related to the „Black Lives Matter“ movement. Everyone supporting this movement in any way has made the largest human rights movement in history! Be proud of yourself and keep on going!

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Who to Follow – Part I

Social Media is a powerful tool. All of us are following and being followed. We get inspired by the works of others and inspire ourselves. I want to use this blog to occasionally highlight who you should follow on social media. Here comes part one of my „Who to Follow“ Lists:

Dominatrix Iris

Mistress Iris is my all-time favorite dominatrix! This elegant, classic, sophisticated woman has me under her spell! The Japanese Seductress is based in Los Angeles but will fly out to meet you, of course (her extensive travel plans make it easy). Her look is deceivingly innocent and will lull you into a sense of (false) safety. Other than her remarkable look and vibe, I mostly appreciate her playing with women. She displays her love for women openly on all her social media and website, and I am grateful for not seeing another dominatrix catering exclusively to the male fantasy of sex!
Maybe one day I can find myself in her captivating presence.
Give her some love on www.dominatrixiris.com or follow her on:

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