Waiting for You

Hi love. Hi, it’s me again.

We haven’t talked in months. I miss you.

Last time, you told me you would get back to me when time allows.

That’s been three months now, there wasn’t time yet.

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What Makes You YOU – A Short Story

Remember how you built forts out of blankets and chairs when you were little and then listened to fairy tales inside them? It gave you the greatest feeling of safety.

Remember the time you fell off your bike when you were little? You scratched your knees and it was the worst pain you ever experienced.

Or the time you won a prize with your dance team at the national championship even though you messed up the choreography? You were so honored and ashamed at the same time.

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The Meaning of Existing – A Short Story

I flutter my eyelashes open. The sun is blinding me. Here I am, again. How many times have I woken up like this now? Naked, in a field of high grass, with a tree right next to me and the smell of flowers in my nose. A new start, again. I know that I have done it differently every time, but I keep waking up here.

Last time I walked the path next to the field and it led me to a small town. My feet are hurting, still. All those little rocks left marks on them. I tried dodging them, but there were just too many. The town only consisted of a few houses and I didn’t see anyone outside. The last thing I remember, is me pulling on the door handle of the local café. But my memory is blank. I only remember waking up here again. What have I learned so far? I know that the more marks I see on my feet, the closer I got to meeting someone the previous time. Something is going on with those rocks.

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