My Latest Desire and COVID Killing it

I am back! Well, sort of. Sorry, for being MIA the past three weeks. Sometimes life just takes over and there is nothing you can do about it. Work has been demanding more than before, weekends were filled to the top, and I was in a creative rod while also being preoccupied with my own mind. But I have been prepping something for you, which I can’t share yet because somebody else still needs to figure things out! I am really excited to share it with you in the upcoming weeks though! For now, I want to tell you about my latest desire and COVID killing it.

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Choose Your People

How many conversations do you have throughout the week which leave you feeling empty? As we all go about our lives we forget to listen. It is important to choose your people consciously and to really listen to them.

With limited time we have learned to quickly get our word in, make sure the other person knows what we think. But meaningful conversation comes from the genuine interest in the experiences, feelings, and thoughts of the person across the table. Many days go by in which we talk but in which we don’t know more about one another after talking.

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When You Don’t Know What To Write

Hi! Well, I am empty. The past four weeks were crazy at work and I honestly don’t know how I managed to keep posting on here. When you don’t know what to write, just talk about how you feel. That’s what I am going to do today.

Writing this blog is great. I enjoy getting into topics that mean a lot to me or thinking of short stories to share. But as life gets busy, sometimes writing is hard.

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My Favorite Club Is In Danger

Six months of COVID-19 protective measures are behind us. It is crazy to think that the world can be shut down culturally for this long. And I for my part am missing the parties, events, and togetherness of club culture. So, let me reminisce a little and explain why my favorite club is in danger.

To be honest, going to regular clubs is usually not my thing. They are too crowded, the entry fees are too high, the music normally does not meet my taste, and well, the drinks are too expensive. Therefore I stopped going to clubs years ago.

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What Makes You YOU – A Short Story

Remember how you built forts out of blankets and chairs when you were little and then listened to fairy tales inside them? It gave you the greatest feeling of safety.

Remember the time you fell off your bike when you were little? You scratched your knees and it was the worst pain you ever experienced.

Or the time you won a prize with your dance team at the national championship even though you messed up the choreography? You were so honored and ashamed at the same time.

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Who to Follow – Part II

BLM Edition

Here comes part two of my „Who to Follow“ lists. This time I want you to use social media to hear people who know more than you. Today I am highlighting social media profiles which educate about everything currently related to the „Black Lives Matter“ movement. Everyone supporting this movement in any way has made the largest human rights movement in history! Be proud of yourself and keep on going!

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Racism Didn’t Stop

Remember how helpless I felt last week? How overwhelmed I was by my feelings? Well, racism didn’t stop since then and I am holding myself accountable.

This week’s social media motto was ‘I am muted’. Many people on social media decided to mute themselves from posting personal content to make room for all the educational content that is now flooding the web about racism. In light of my latest blog post, I would like to offer you some educational resources instead of posting personal content and share what I have been doing since last Sunday to educate myself.

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„I Have no Right to Talk About This, But I Tried Anyway“

I wanted to post something else today. I wanted to write you another short story.

But I can’t.

I can’t stop thinking about George Floyd. I can’t stop crying for everyone hurting right now. I can’t stop looking at my phone in disbelief about everything that is happening in the US and other places all over the world. I can’t stop my gut feeling like it has been punched every single day since it happened. I can’t stop hating a police officer for being a murderer. I can’t stop wondering how that man got there. I can’t stop thinking that I am in no position to speak up.

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