My Latest Desire and COVID Killing it

I am back! Well, sort of. Sorry, for being MIA the past three weeks. Sometimes life just takes over and there is nothing you can do about it. Work has been demanding more than before, weekends were filled to the top, and I was in a creative rod while also being preoccupied with my own mind. But I have been prepping something for you, which I can’t share yet because somebody else still needs to figure things out! I am really excited to share it with you in the upcoming weeks though! For now, I want to tell you about my latest desire and COVID killing it.

When life gets stressful, and I am away from home and my boyfriend, the first thing to go out the window is my sexual self. Sex is the last thing on my mind during those times. But when I am where I should be, when I am relaxed, when COVID is not preventing us from going out, I am my most sexual self.

Who is My Sexual Self?

My sexual self is funny, outgoing, suggestive, flirtatious, and insatiable. I enjoy helping women identify their deepest desires and then making them come true. I spoil them for life ?. In short, having uncountable liberating sexual encounters gives me life.

Therefore, sex was always at the top of the list for choosing my relationships. If the sex doesn’t work, the relationship won’t work in the long run. Thankfully, my wonderful man and I are good in that department. Recently though, we have been unsatisfied.

As you know, I enjoy the casual fling with women. And we also enjoy spending time with women together. Usually, we meet women at parties and then meet them casually during daytime later, to find out if we all fit together. This has gifted us several unicorns, as we call them.


A unicorn is a woman who spends her time with a couple without interfering with the relationship. There is a sexual part, obviously. But after carefully choosing who we let in, we also enjoy sharing daytime activities with her. Because of this special setting, it requires setting boundaries before anything sexual has happened.

The Right Setting

When we meet someone new, I meet with her one on one to set the scene and offer what we can give. We can give her the liberty to express any sexual desires unfulfilled, and the certainty that we want to help her fulfill it. As long as she understands, she is a special friend of ours and not part of the relationship, we can give her the special treatment and make her feel like she is the one and only we choose. But we can not fill her pastime.

As hard-working adults, who live hundreds of kilometers apart, and only see each other on the weekend, we can not have somebody expect to be the center of our universe. We expect our unicorns to have a life of her own, without demands toward our time. Having a unicorn only works for us (and for anybody for that matter) if the relationship is stable and in a good place).

That means, we can’t spend all of our limited time together with our unicorn. First and foremost, we have to make sure we are in a good place in our relationship. Normally, the women who meet with me after meeting us at a party agree with those terms and are glad to have the opportunity to spend time with us. But we would never be offended if someone doesn’t feel comfortable in that setting. It really is all about making another person happy and liberated for us.

We Are Ready for You Again

We are in a good place right now. This year has been difficult for us as for so many of you. Pre-COVID we had several difficulties to sort out in order for us to work again. Every relationship hits hardships along the way, and it always comes down to how productive you react towards them. Even though COVID is a burden on the world, it has helped us tremendously. Due to COVID, we were able to spend a total of four months on each other’s side because work sent us home. It was all the time we needed to find ourselves again. 

Being back to our normal selves and a stable relationship, sexual desires grow again. But there are no parties to go to, and rarely any women to meet. Of course, there is online dating, but as I have previously mentioned, that is not for me.

But COVID Keeps Killing the Vibe

And so, we are eager to go out, to meet new people, find connections in fun environments without expectations. But COVID still has us in its solid grip. We can only hope for winter to pass quickly, and a vaccine for next spring. Because one year of abstinence is more than enough, I need my latest desire fulfilled.

P.S. Posting a blog post every week proved to be too much pressure on me. From now on, I will post when I feel like it, trying to give you something new to read every other week. Follow my Instagram, so you don’t miss anything new!

Photo provided by Daria Sannikova on Pexels