When You Don’t Know What To Write

Hi! Well, I am empty. The past four weeks were crazy at work and I honestly don’t know how I managed to keep posting on here. When you don’t know what to write, just talk about how you feel. That’s what I am going to do today.

Writing this blog is great. I enjoy getting into topics that mean a lot to me or thinking of short stories to share. But as life gets busy, sometimes writing is hard.

My full-time job keeps me so busy during the week that I often don’t get to think about the blog until Friday night. But Friday night has me all worn out, and writing usually doesn’t happen until Saturday. That can stress one out.

Getting Home Means Getting Busy

This Friday I made it home to Hamburg at six in the evening and I just dropped everything to lay on the couch doing nothing for an hour. Cooking wasn’t even an option, so I got take out. Coming home after weeks of working somewhere else, requires getting organized once you get home. Go through the mail, do laundry, go grocery shopping, plan the week ahead. No thought was wasted to write for today. And really, I wasn’t feeling bad about it.

And now it is Sunday morning, and I am sitting in front of a blank page, once again feeling guilty that I don’t produce blog posts ahead of time.

It Feels Dishonest

Sharing thoughts with you each Sunday means a lot, and I carefully choose each topic before posting. Choosing my topics each week largely depends on how I feel that week, it is really all about what is on my mind at that time. Many people actually plan out their content for weeks or months to come, but to me, that feels dishonest. I want you to be close to me and my thoughts without making you feel like you are reading things that were on my mind weeks ago.

I know, I know, a good writer will not let you know that they prepared their piece well in advance. But is it really necessary to hide that fact if you can just write your pieces shortly before publishing them? For now, I feel like I am closer to you and letting you more into my world when I write within the week I actually want to post.

Thank you for being here. I am looking forward to coming back stronger next Sunday! Enjoy your day!

Photo provided by Cerqueira on Unsplash