My Special Eye – A Short Story

My eyes are different. One works fine but the other is special.

The normal one sees things as they are. Beautiful and colorful. But the special one sees dark things. Sinister and dull.

It is difficult to explain what I see to others. They don’t understand. It is easy, though.

Looking at a tree I can see two scenarios. Each one tries to catch my attention.

The normal eye lets me see an old, experienced tree. It is scarred with deep dents but survived anything. I can see strong roots that make the tree stand firm and tall. I can see a blooming crown with life in it.

My special eye sees the tree differently. It sees a mosquito. A mosquito that is sucking from the earth. Sucking out anything it can possibly can. I can see the mosquito trying to detach from the ground but it is stuck. Its body stretches more and more until the mosquito bursts. The tree is dead and the crown is formed by the splattered mosquito.

I watch the scenarios trying to decide which one I find more beautiful.

Photo provided by Barna Kovács on Unsplash

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