Who to Follow – Part I

Social Media is a powerful tool. All of us are following and being followed. We get inspired by the works of others and inspire ourselves. I want to use this blog to occasionally highlight who you should follow on social media. Here comes part one of my „Who to Follow“ Lists:

Dominatrix Iris

Mistress Iris is my all-time favorite dominatrix! This elegant, classic, sophisticated woman has me under her spell! The Japanese Seductress is based in Los Angeles but will fly out to meet you, of course (her extensive travel plans make it easy). Her look is deceivingly innocent and will lull you into a sense of (false) safety. Other than her remarkable look and vibe, I mostly appreciate her playing with women. She displays her love for women openly on all her social media and website, and I am grateful for not seeing another dominatrix catering exclusively to the male fantasy of sex!
Maybe one day I can find myself in her captivating presence.
Give her some love on www.dominatrixiris.com or follow her on:

Katherine Harlow – The Park Avenue Pinup

Similarly elegant and beautiful to gaze at is Miss Harlow. The burlesque performer and pinup model based in New York embodies the sexiness of the Marilyn Monroe era. She offers burlesque performances, classic striptease, feather fan dances, and more aesthetically pleasing acts. The reason why I adore her is not primarily her looks or performances. Miss Harlow suffers from endometriosis and communicates it openly on all her platforms. I admire her being frank about all her struggles and using her sexiness to liberate sickness from stigma! Being burdened with an illness does not take away from your sexiness and from your desire to put yourself out there (at least it doesn’t have to). Thank you, Miss Harlow, for making us see that! See more on www.parkavenuepinup.com or follow her on:

Skirt Club Ladies

Obviously, I have written about Skirt Club on here before and explained extensively why Skirt Club is worth your while. This time I want to highlight some very special women in the community!

Of course, I will start with Genevieve LeJeune, who has offered this community to the world and given us the place by realizing her vision for bisexual women! Thank your beautiful soul for your fierce go-getter attitude, without which we wouldn’t be where we are today!
Follow her on:

Topanga Turk, the community manager for the US is another remarkable soul! This fun, sexy woman has such a great and sweeping attitude! You need to see her in any setting involving other people and you will be stunned by her power! Maybe join her for the US In Chastity Chat on Wednesdays to see what I am talking about!
Follow her on:
And find the events:
In Chastity Chats

Katrin, the community manager for the German-speaking region, is one of a kind herself. Her loving, attentive, appreciative nature makes one feel loved and supported from the very first contact! She will immediately make you understand that you are perfect the way you are and that she is there to support you no matter what your desires are!
Follow her on:

Samantha Kelsie – Zfg Life

Another Skirt Club lady needs her own bullet point. Known as Seren Sins in the role of the London event manager, she is also known as Samantha Kelsie in the role of your Life Coach. Her coaching service called Zero Fucks Given is the ticket! Seriously, if you are at a point in your life where you find yourself apologizing for who you are, she will get you out of your head and into your own shoes! Her ways and words are in-the-face honest and to the point. No small talk, no apologies, no butterflies. Just honesty and empowerment to own yourself! Check her out on www.zfglife.com or follow her:

Sarah Zak – sarahlikesprettygirls

Sarah is a Berlin-based analog photographer and organic make up artist. She has had her fair share of high-profile clients and is well established in the field. What makes her unique and worth mentioning for me is her exceptional eye for beauty in women. On her Instagram, she shows off how beautiful any body type is and how wonderful mostly unedited photos of all of us are! No sugar coating or optimizing, just your average women in the most beautiful ways! She also offers couple shoots and other services! Find out more on:
Or follow her on:


This wonderful organization led by Pamela Madsen and her team offers women to explore their bodies. On one of their week-long retreats in an exotic location, you can unveil your sexual desires by talking about any perception of the own body, be it socially or individually. But also, by exercises that allow the women to understand their relationship with their bodies, and nurture it to get access to their own needs. Read more about the organization and Pamela on www.backtothebody.org or follow them on:

These are my suggestions to you on who to follow in regard to empowered women. I hope, you enjoy their accounts! Stay tuned for the next part of my „Who to Follow“ Lists.

Photo provided by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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